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portfolio website!

2011-04-30 16:29:02 by TomAzza

much has happened since I last posted some news up here.. It's been a hell of a long time since I lurked around Newgrounds, but mostly I've been touching up my programming, photography, and design skills..

anyway.. just got around posting my new portfolio website at!

It's still not 100% done, but I'm working on it...

c ya!


2009-04-11 21:01:27 by TomAzza

WOW so... i moved

yup packed my crap and got the first plane to england. the whole flight cost me 3,75 £...cheaper than a fuckin bus ticket..some sort of special offer or what not...anyway i said fuck it to home and everything that came with it and hello to Preston, England!

ok so the town looks a little like crap, but it's still better than "home"..i found two fairly decent jobs which i am now juggling like a madman...and i'm considering applying for an art and design course at the university here in town...

hm..that pretty much sums up the recent events of my pathetic excuse for a life so far...

also i saw Watchmen i though it fased in and out with moments of epicness and vein-slashing boredom...thoughts?


2009-02-01 07:47:38 by TomAzza


I'm still here i guess...

god life can be boring...


2008-10-13 17:57:03 by TomAzza

interesting how when you actually get to do something you have longed for for a long time, it's never as good as you imagined, and most often than not it turns out to be nothing more than crap.
So I'm done with school...and i'm doing...nothing.




that's the problem see...i've spent the last 8 years wishing to have nothing to do, throw away the best years of my life, do fuck it counter productive, lazy whatever you want, i wanted to sit on my ass all day and o.d. my brain on trash tv; now that I've been doing nothing more than this, since i got ripped off by my last job in september, for a month I AM OFFICIALY GOING CRAZY

no jobs, no nothing.

all i need is to pass this year as swiftly as possible and try and earn enough money to be able to go to university somewhere other than this state next something that POSSIBLY could lead to somewhat of a satisfying carrer....

oh gawd I sound boring

In other news, i'm on my third foster's and I've just finished watching the simpson film, what a fucking rip off that was... Add this to the fact i saw that riddiculous film with that guy adam sandler last, Zohan... and i can finally say I've watched the most irritating thing a camera has EVER been pointed at

i swear to god i wish whoever wrote that script is dying, slow.

Luckly i could count on Blockbusters and after a long therapy of Sunshine, Interview with the Vampire, Inside man, and The Prestige could i regain the faith in the power of movies that i had left on that dusty chair of that godforsaken cinema.

Also getting drunk and watching south park episodes on southparkstudiosdotcom manged to help bring me back from the brink of madness.

/* */
i know the clip is modified and it's not from an original episode, but give me break, i was trying to prove a point and mostly test this video embedding thing that i never tried before.

oh well look out for more timewasting posts, 'cause i've got a lot of free time and basically nothing to write about!



2008-08-20 14:38:47 by TomAzza

Here I am, back again, hopefully for longer....

nothing much to say, except get your asses right down to the new Enviroment of the Week contest in the Art Forum!

This weeks topic "AUTUMN"

I know it sucks, dont worry I've got loads of much better topics planned for the next chapters....

c ya there



2007-12-08 14:24:31 by TomAzza

hello everybody.

I`m back, well..kinda.... i know, i know.. I`ve been away for quite a while... suffocated by a shitload of events and problems ( mostly heart related), i have had barely enough time or space to breathe.. let alone visit NG..and, I must sadly admit, i haven`t had the time to do more digital drawing....

Although, i like to think that a passion never dies... and Ive kept sketching, and studying.. so i guess i`ll get back up on my artsy feet..sooner or later... possibly once i`ve bought a new computer.. which should be pretty soon, since this piece of rotting shit is so fucked up it`s not even funny... i`ve been away a really long time... i forgot how awesome this place is...

so a big hello to all my acquaintances here on the site.. c u around mates


insomnia sucks

2007-09-18 13:29:10 by TomAzza


It`s been 4 days now...

all night I stay awake dazing at the emptiness in front of the TV, rolling about on the couch, or dreaming with my eyes open.... occasionally i`ll walk..outside, or just round the house.. I`ve tried everything, pills, exercise, fucking yoga crap...everything.. but nothing. I`m shattered 99.9 percent of the day... in the morning when I go to school... in the afternoon, in the evening...fuck.

and there seems to be no end to it...i don't know what triggered it, if there ever was anything that did..all I know is that i`ve lived these past 4 ( or, maybe 5?) days in a zombie like state.. everything seems so detached and far away...

logging on my computer doesn't help... i`ve been lurking the art forum searching for something to do, like a contest or some fuckshit project to keep me occupied, and to get me back on my feet, since I`ve been slipping away from my "artwork" ( if that`s what we want to call it) more and more in the past month or so... I don't seem to have anymore ideas.. at least, not exciting ideas that used to get me up and pumping, and every time I try and think of one i simply feel to fucking out of my mind to think.


i guess i`ll go watch South Park again... and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again....

and have a beer every time they kill Kenny......


god I`m tired.


2007-08-13 11:14:04 by TomAzza

Yesterday, a normal day at the Baia Blu Rta during my morning shift at work, i was chatting with my co-worker, during one of my many many many coffee/snack/whatever breaks...

and while surfing trough the usual small talk, we stumbled upon a discussion about jobs, and future.. turns out she is going to work this winter in a graphic design studio relatively close to where i live...since i hate my job as a receptionist, and would love to work in any field that has remotely anything to do with digital design or graphics or anything artistic ( even if i`m not good at it, you gotta start somewhere)... hearing these words made a little bell ring in my head....

so I asked, and MAYBE OH DEAR GOD I HOPE SO this winter i will manage to work there too!

no more stupid tourists who can`t mutter "ciao" without getting it wrong, yet insist on speaking Italian! no more running around for old ladies who cant find their apartment keys! no more answering the goddamned phone! no more reservations!

also, a chance to work and do something i enjoy for money!

my god.. could this be true??


2007-08-08 17:13:02 by TomAzza


long time no post.

guess i have nothing to say... sadly I`ve been spending less and less time here on Newgrounds... could this mean I have a life?

so how about some random gibberish? or maybe even some kind of e-humorous remark about sex or genital organs?


Street Fighter ROCKS

2007-07-21 15:53:51 by TomAzza

hello everybody.. time to update you about my newest OCD...

Recently, while lurking the site I have had a close encounter with Akuma...

this brought back old memories of me playing my favourite game of all times.... i bet you`ll guess it.... no, not sailor, not even miss pacman....yes, it is indeed STREET FIGHTER

I used to love the comics when i was little... awesome drawings and awesome stories...used to read them like a boy in church camp would read the bible...... never seen the cartoon though...if there ever was one...

FInally, these reappearing memories have sent me on a street fighter rampage...iv`e been downloading, borrowing and buying streetfighter games like no other soul has ever done before (With the exception of Jeff aka JohnnyUtah)..


the oldest versions! aaah, the famous Street fighter I and II.. followed by II turbo.. wich suck game wise, but they`re simply MUST HAVE GAMES, especially because it reminds me of my early childhood wasted in front of my Super Nintendo..... and my endless battles between Ken and Ryu, (who, by the way, with the exception of that rolling throw, are EXACTLY the same in these gemes).

then i got Street fighter EX2 Plus for PS1.. which is awesome only for the appearance of Kairi, a character not many know about, but is nevertheless one of the coolest in the series... but, other than that, nothing special.. all the other characters suck balls....

i`ve order Capcom vs Snk 2 off e bay.. should arrive in a couple of days....I CAN BLOODY FUCKING WAIT GODDAMNIT

in the meantime, i`ve pleasured myself to Street Fighter Vs Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel Vs Capcom downloaded ROMS for MAME.. wich are great time killers.. fun and nicely done, Also, Akuma kicks ass like NO OTHER... except maybe Evil Ryu...

iv` been searching for Street Fighter 3 trilogy roms, but i cant find working ones.. this is quite irritating, since Stamper has.. that bastard....

so, now that you`ve wasted 4 minutes of your life reading this, you might as well leave a comment, especially if you are a Street Fighter addict like yours truly...and if you don't, i`ll hunt you down and rip your guts out like a pussycat.

Street Fighter ROCKS